Very cool! Care to share anything about them? Eg where are they based out of? (Words cannot express how much of an FHB fan I am but it definitely exceeds my love for P&P and probably even Jane Eyre.)

Unfortunately that’s actually all I know!  It was a rather brief encounter.  :/

Actually here is one tidbit - mostly just kind of funny:  the gal I was talking to said she’s had some second thoughts about the name (which is the estate from the book) because she can’t even remember how to spell it - so how will anyone else find it?  (I think it will be fine, but it was kind of a delightful exchange.)

Hey, I’m the Misselthwaite chick from the AOJE meetup! It’s awesome that you remembered our project!

For anyone who’s curious, Pencil Ink Productions, the studio behind The Misselthwaite Archives, is a lady-owned company based in Portland, Oregon. Amanda and I (Aileen) have been friends since high school, and after we graduated from college, we realized we were both really interested in filmmaking and online video, so we decided to start our own studio. We’ve produced a decent number of short films, both together and independently, but this is our first attempt at a webseries. We’re super excited to be working on something narrative again, since we spend a lot of time producing promotionals and acting reels for clients. (Gotta pay the bills somehow!)

Anyway, all our official story videos/transmedia will be posted on, but if you’re interested in getting our production updates, feel free to follow our pencilinkproductions tumblr. We’ll be sharing more about our cast, crew, and creative process soon!

As for the name of the show, I do still triple check the spelling every time I post something because I’m super paranoid about making a mistake, haha. But I went to a college with an equally-ridiculous name (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - there’s definitely a reason everyone uses the acronym), so I know from experience that it’ll get easier with practice. For now I’m just hoping that autocomplete in the tags will be our savior. :)

I love that we are now connected through the tumblrs!!!  This is why the internet is beautiful. :)


Nominate Nothing Much To Do for the Streamys!



The Streamy fan nominations are open, and shows released between November 1, 2012 and July 1, 2014 are eligible…which means Nothing Much To Do (NMTD) is eligible!  If you haven’t been watching, basically it’s a really clever modern take on Shakepeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and well JUST GO CHECK IT OUT IT’S DELIGHTFUL.

And then nominate these lovely people for the Streamys!:

Even if we don’t get them nominated, hopefully we can give them more exposure because they totally deserve it. :D

Here are autofilled nominations for the Streamy Awards. You can also nominate us for the First-Person, Indie, and International categories.

Thanks all!

Here are the autofilled versions!

And, thecandlewasters, make sure you officially submit yourselves as creators!  (wasn’t sure from context if you had)