Cloths of Heaven, new print from Seb Lester.

British designer and 8 Faces interviewee, Seb Lester, released a new limited edition print today. ‘Cloths of Heaven’, based on the poem ‘Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven’ by W B Yeats, is available both as a print and embroidered artwork.
“Yeats’s poem references ‘embroidered cloths’ and ‘gold and silver threads’, so I wanted to try to make the screen print look like an exquisite and timelessly beautiful piece of highly ornamental needlework. I’ve drawn from Medieval, Renaissance and 18th-century sources but I have also tried to integrate personal, progressive and irreverent flourishing ideas. The result is a hybrid stylistic treatment that I think could only exist in the 21st century.”
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Kissing in the Rain (Episode 6? Kinda?)

Because obviously this is how directing works.

Puppet!Yulin with TinyPuppet!Lily and TinyPuppet!James. I don’t remember who decided this was going to be a thing, but alas, here we are.

AMAZING. alsokatie appears to have crafted Puppet!Yulin based on this very accurate documentary footage of Yulin directing on set:

We approve!

Not sure if it’s been pointed out yet, but I love that the Poe on the teeshirt is himself holding a puppet.